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How To use the Helpdesk
Posted by Nicola Musgrove on 22 June 2017 08:41 AM

Using the Helpdesk

We understand that when you need support, you generally need it now. That’s why our Helpdesk is here to help.

Your designated contact points (see Roles above) can call within office hours to discuss technical or process queries.

You can also email the Helpdesk or log a ticket via the online Helpdesk at any time.

The online Helpdesk provides users with the facility to:

  • Raise support tickets
  • Track the progress of your tickets
  • Search Oxinet’s online Knowledgebase

Contacting the Helpdesk

Should you have a query, your designated contact points (see Roles above) can contact our UK-based support team as follows:

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 1865 598799 (within office hours 9am - 5.30pm)
  • Email PEMS Customer Helpdesk: (at any time)
  • Log a ticket on the online Helpdesk at: (at any time)

Please note: users should request support from their PEMS Admin Manager (see Roles in the attached PEMS Customer Service Charter) in the first instance. Should an issue persist the PEMS Admin Manager should then report the issue to Oxinet on behalf of the user.

Raising a ticket online

To raise a ticket, please click on the "Submit a Ticket" tab. Select the relevant department (this will be pre-filtered for your organisation). PEMS customers should select PEMS Support. Then click next.

You will then be asked to give your ticket a priority and subject. For incident priority levels, please see "Incident Management" section below. 

Next you will need to give your ticket a subject line (title) and enter details of the incident. 

Creating an effective report

When raising a ticket it is important to provide as much information as possible to allow our team to quickly replicate the issue you are experiencing. If we are unable to replicate the issue it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming (and in some cases near-on impossible!) to work out what is causing it to know how to fix it. The more information you can provide, the more swiftly we can work to provide resolution.

When reporting tickets or raising queries, please provide the following information as a minimum:


  1. Username of the person who experienced the issue - Where users are unable to login, we may request additional information such as role type so it'd be handy if you could provide this at the outset.
  2. Summary of the incident - Please be precise and include the time and date of the incident
  3. Screenshot of affected webpage and/or error messages - Please do not crop images as they are more useful when we can see periphery information such as page URL, browser version, etc.
  4. URL (link) to the affected webpage
  5. Steps to reproduce the issue - Please advise what exactly you clicked on, including which fields you were amending or working on (organisation/contact/student/audit ID, profile ID, message template ID, etc.) at the time of the incident.
  6. Which device was used e.g. PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc. 
  7. Which browser was used and the version number - if you are unsure please provide a screenshot.
  8. What is the impact on your business?


Helpdesk Responses

This section describes what you can expect in terms of response when raising a query via the Helpdesk.

All queries raised will be automatically acknowledged by the Helpdesk (online) or by an engineer (over the phone).

Incident Management

Any incidents reported via the Helpdesk will be allocated a priority by Oxinet, in accordance with the incident descriptions below:




Total non-availability of the PEMS Products or a material part thereof.


Where the use of a PEMS Product demonstrates that the application fails to comply with the product documentation and it can reasonably be held to materially impact on the customer’s use of the system.


Where the use of a PEMS Product demonstrates that the application fails to comply with the product documentation but this does not materially impact on the customer’s use of the system.


Any incident which is recorded but for which Oxinet has no resolution responsibility (e.g. bug in third-party software application)

Where practical, Oxinet may suggest workarounds to address any customer issues.

The timescale to resolve an incident is determined by a number of factors, some of which may be outside of the control of Oxinet.

This is how Oxinet will respond to incidents:




We will immediately assign a qualified engineer to the incident, who will work on the problem until it is resolved.


We will aim to supply the customer with an interim resolution as quickly as possible and to propose a permanent solution within two to three working days.


We will propose a resolution reflecting the impact on the customer’s business.


We will record the incident and may make appropriate recommendations.


Please note: priority 3 and 4 incidents may be resolved as part of a scheduled release of PEMS.

Any priority 1-3 incidents and resolution times will be maintained in the Helpdesk for review.

 oxinet-pems-customer-service-charter v2.0.pdf (698.03 KB)

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